We Connect Teenagers to
the World’s Most Creative Minds

Passionate innovators, world-renowned entrepreneurs, artists, indigenous leaders, and more.
Learn with a diverse group of expert guides.

  • ComedianNaomi Watanabe
  • EnvironmentalistRajendra Singh
  • FirefighterJim Casey
  • Drag QueenPanjina Heals
  • FilmmakerRocce Soderlund
  • Animal PhotographerFrance Lanting
  • Robot DeveloperKaname Hayashi
  • Fashion DesignerMindy Scheer
  • PhotographerJackie Kenny
  • PhotographerOri Givati
  • Ex-soldierJames Sharman
  • ChefShabana Basij-Rasa
  • School FounderPepe Villatoro
  • Failure ResearcherEmmanuel Mancura
  • ScientistIssa Miheno
  • EntrepreneurGina Park
  • UN OfficialNaoko Takahashi
  • TV personalityJun Tamura London (London Boots No. 1 and No. 2)
  • ArchitectKengo Kuma
  • MusicianYojiro Noda (RADWIMPS)
  • Fisherman and WriterNaoko Miura
  • Taiwan IT MinisterAudrey Tan
  • Film directorYuka Eda
  • InternistYusuke Suzuki
  • Cardboard ArtistFuyuki Shimazu
  • RapperAkko Gorilla
  • Television DirectorRyohei Kamide (TV Tokyo)
  • Voice ActorYuki Kaji
  • Social EntrepreneurToshiki Abe (Representative of Board of Directors at Riddilava)
  • Food EssayistSakiko Hirano
  • Creative DirectorYu Miura (Shiseido)
  • Flower CreatorEmi Shinozaki (edenworks)
  • EntrepreneurToshiyuki Niino (Representative Director of EXIT Corporation)
  • MotekakerYukos
  • Hotel ProducerShoko Tatsuzaki (Representative of L&G Global Business, Inc.)
  • PoetShuntaro Tanikawa
  • ArtistToru Matsushita (SIDE CORE)
  • Creative DirectorAisako Tsuji (CEO of arca, Inc.)

Inspire High Features

Connect with the World
We offer experiences that expose students to diverse perspectives, values, work, social issues, and ways of life. These are shared by our inspiring adult guides handpicked from all around the world. Access their authentic lessons from anywhere, anytime.
Explore and Learn
We leverage education technology to equip students with the skills required to succeed in the 21st century – such as the ability to empathize, think critically, ask questions, and express ideas freely and eloquently.
Easy to Use
Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into any classroom, with minimum effort from teachers. The Inspire High app comes with easy-to-use feedback and evaluation features, as well as tips on how to facilitate a classroom.

Scenes of Effective Use

Inquiry-based Learning
Inspire High’s program leads with questions and explorations, and has been designed to enhance students’ non-cognitive abilities. It can be adapted flexibly to each classroom to meet the unique needs of the students.
Lessons on Life
Our diverse, handpicked guides expose students to their unique perspectives and life stories, and encourages them to embark on a journey of living a truly fulfilling life.
Foreign Language Learning
Our guides deliver their sessions in English, but you can turn on subtitles in Japanese, adjust the playback speed, and make other modifications to maximize your Japanese/English learning.
Themed sessions
Our sessions invite students to investigate various fundamental questions, such as “why do conflicts never end?”, “how can we contribute to positive social change?”, “what is the purpose of education?”, and more.

Ideal Inspire High Class Structure (for a 50-minute class)

STEP.0 (3min)


Goal: understand the purpose of the sessions and learn some basic things about the guide

Role of the facilitator: making sure the students are aware of the the theme, purpose, and guide of the session.

STEP.1 (20min)

Guide Talk

Goal: to learn about the life and work of the guide through a pre-recorded video interview

Role of the facilitator: encouraging the students to listen as closely as possible to the guide.

STEP.2 (12min)


Goal: For the students to think individually and express their thoughts in response to a question posed by the guide.

Role of the facilitator: To support struggling students with additional prompts and words of encouragement.

STEP.3 (8min)


Goal: To foster horizontal learning through students sharing their comments and opinions to works created by other students.

Role of the facilitator: To support struggling students with additional prompts and words of encouragement.

STEP.4 (7min)


Time to reflect on the session and think about how you may apply what you learned in your future.

Role of the facilitator: To record, share and summarize the main takeaways from the session.


An interactive experience, ready with textbooks that promote deeper thinking & learning.

We provide an interactive and connected learning experience with a user-friendly interface, praised for its intuitive design.

Textbooks are available to promote deeper student learning and to support teachers.

Voices of Teachers and Students

  • Director of Toda City Board of Education
    Tsutomu Togasaki

    Toda City has undertaken various educational reforms in order to break away from "stereotypical answers," "group harmony," and a self-serving mentality that is common in public education. In order for schools to transform from a place of "solution seeking" to a creative and exciting place of "solution creating", an inquiry-based program like Inspire High, based on real life stories, is needed now more than ever.

  • Assistant Principal of Nitobe Bunka Junior & Senior High School
    Takao Yamamoto

    When a teacher’s language changes from emotional and vague phases such as "everyone please get along" to competency-based language such as "dialogue" and "emotional control", it helps students develop the ability to resolve conflicts autonomously. Inspire High’s videos are a great way to learn about the importance of competencies needed in the future through the words of adults who have real-life experience.

  • High School Student, Kochi, Japan

    By participating in each session, I was able to learn about other people’s perspective on life, their philosophy and their viewpoint on different topics. I realized that my world was full of interesting "unknowns".

  • Kyoto, Japan, High School Student

    I used to only say things based on what I could find on the internet, but listening to opinions that were based on actual experiences at Inspire High has broadened my perspective on problem solving.

Impressions after the Inspire High Session

Do you think Inspire High will help you figure out your future and learn more about your values?
Do you think we should continue to use Inspire High in your classroom?

Results of a survey of students who experienced Inspire High in their classes
(April-June 2021 / Respondents: 3,487 students from 26 schools from 5th grade to 3rd grade high school)

*1 A. Helpful (38.4%), B. Somewhat helpful (49.7%), C. Not very helpful (8.6%), and D. Not helpful (3.3%). For the calculation of "YES", response A and B were summed.

*2: A. Yes, I prefer to have it. (35.3%), B. If I had a choice, I would prefer to have it. (49.8%), C. Would prefer not to have it. (10.7%), and D. Would prefer not to have it. (4.1%). For the calculation of "YES", response A and B were summed.

“I want to know more,
but I don't know how!”

This is a comment made by a teenager who attended an Inspire High session.

What Inspire High wants to deliver can be summed up in one phrase: “to enlighten students to a world they never knew about, ignite their curiosity and inspire them to want to learn and know more!”

We are all aware of the unpredictable future that awaits us, such as the development of AI and the end of the lifetime employment system. Unfortunately, however, there is no correct answer that says, “If you do this, you won’t face any problems,” or “As long as you have this skill, your future will be guaranteed.”

What I think may be true is that it is better to stay optimistic about the future than to fear it, or be enthusiastic about something that may lead to a wonderful future.

Inspire High’s programs for schools are designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the fascination and richness of the world from diverse guides they would not normally come into contact with, to extract the creativity that lies dormant in all of us, and to engage in dialogue with other students from around the world.

We have created this site with the hope that we can provide as much support as possible to the teachers who are trying to inspire their students for a better future.

Please reach out to us at: